Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I'm losing it....

Forewarning....this may turn into the most random post ever!

Do you ever feel like you have SO MUCH going on in your head that you have trouble doing even the simplest things? Like your brain can't stop turning long enough for you to remember how to tie your shoes? My brain is so chuck full of "stuff" lately that I can't seem to accomplish even the simplest of tasks. Today I managed to spell my name wrong.....who does that? I've had the same name for 33 years now and today I couldn't even manage enough brain power to get that right. You would think it was pretty easy A-M-Y.....how hard is that? And it's not just my name that I'm messing up. I feel like I'm screwing up at work, I'm screwing up at home...I just can't focus! I hang up with people after speaking to them on the phone and I can't even remember what we just talked about because the whole time they are talking to me I'm going over about a million things in my head. Even as I'm trying to post this I can't stay focused long enough to make complete sentences (I apologize now for my imperfect grammar if there is any due to this issue).

I'm thinking (hoping) that maybe if I list some of the things that keep revolving in my brain I might feel better. Maybe by seeing it on paper it will make me realize that this is just plain silly. There is nothing on this list that is worth what I have been going through. Don says that I'm even talking about it in my sleep. I've got to clear my brain and stop with this nonsense.

Okay, so here is a short version of some of the things that continuously go around and around in my head:
  • Start tanning (I want to start wedding dress shopping soon and I want some color before I do this)
  • Buy softener salt
  • Fill out the contract for our DJ and get in mail ASAP along with deposit
  • Set up appt with rental company to finalize contract (note to self: remember to remove salad plates from rental contract)
  • Get oil changed in car
  • Clean out car
  • Get wire fencing put up out back before dog realizes he can crawl under neighbors fence
  • Buy something to get rid of Moles in back yard
  • Call officiant and set up appt to discuss ceremony
  • Pay bills (note to self: add new bill pay info for refinanced car loan and remove old loan info)
  • Add Don to savings account
  • Clean out garage
  • Record weight watchers points
  • Workout
  • Drink more water
  • Faucet handles in tub need replaced
  • Need to get baseboard for basement carpet
  • Get groceries
  • Put more water in the fridge to get cold
  • Buy cat food
  • File pets "micro chip" information in home office
  • Change federal withholding back to normal on my payroll checks
  • Get chicken out of freezer to thaw
  • Balance checkbook
  • Pluck eyebrows
  • Download pictures off my camera
  • Update my blog
  • Shampoo carpets
  • Find out why automatic car starter isn't working
  • Take comforter to dry cleaners
  • Put additional cat litter box back in spare bedroom
  • Give the dog a bath
  • Order more checks (note to self: change address on checks)
  • Schedule engagement pictures
  • Update wedding binder and remove any unnecessary paperwork
  • Buy face cream

Breathe Amy....Just breathe!!!

This is just a short glimpse of the list that encompasses my every thought. And this list doesn't even include anything about work.....I won't go there! I've already made a fool of myself so I don't want to make it any worse.

Have I ever told you that I have a mild case of OCD? No? Well, I guess we'll save that post for a rainy day!

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RealRach said...

Engagement photos...CHECK...consider it done!

I called Don to get chicken out of freezer...so that's two things off your list! LOL

Oh...and your blog is now updated...so that's 3 things! See not so bad!