Friday, August 7, 2009

Flowers, Dress, Veil....Oh My!

Before I begin this post, I would like to apologize...I do not have the source to many of the pictures below. They are from my wedding file I started long before this blog. If anyone knows the source please let me know and I will add

Last night I was lucky enough to spend a few hours with my FMIL and we had such a good time. We did nothing but talk wedding for about 3 hours. She gave me some much needed input on my flowers so I was much appreciative. I've decided I'm going to try and do some test runs involving silk carnations and see if I can come up with anything that resembles this.....

I also got a chance to show her some of the dresses that I am drooling over these days. I was a little worried she may not like my choices, given that I'm going rather casual due to our change in venue. But to my surprise, she was drooling almost as much as me. This dress by Alfred Angelo is still my top contender and my FMIL agrees..

We also took some time to look for a Mother of Groom dress for her and she was having a blast. She found 2 great contenders from Nordstrom's Dress Shop.

J Kara Beaded Dress with Bolero Jacket in Navy/Silver

JS Collections Bead Lace Chiffon Gown in Black/Nude


I've been in love with this veil ever since I saw it on The Perfect Palette.

And much to my surprise my FMIL loved it too. She thinks it will look fab on me...and I agree!

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Kimberly said...

I think all of your selections are amazing. I am glad that your FMIL loves your choices as well. It makes wedding planning so much easier when everyone involved is in agreement. My own mother-in-law was a huge help in decorating and even did both of our cakes. My big day would not have happened with out her (and my fab friends & family).