Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Wedding Dress Infactuation

I'm not the kind of girl who always dreamed about their wedding dress. To be honest, I haven't thought much about it the entire time I've been engaged....that was until last week. Something about changing our wedding plans, changing the venue, changing the wedding date, etc has somehow caused this major infactuation with them. I spend a majority of my day searching online for "the perfect wedding dress". My style is all over the place. I am love with dresses that I never thought possible. I've found so many dresses that I "love" that I'm starting to get a bit overwhelmed.

I'm hoping to start dress shopping in the next month or so and I wanted to have ideas in advance, but I'm coming to the conclusion that maybe I have "too many" ideas and I won't even be able to explain to the advisor at the wedding boutique what I'm actually looking for.

I guess I need to settle on a few that are my favorites and go from there. A good advisor will be able to pull out a selection based on what I show her, what she thinks looks good on me, and will hopefully take into consideration our wedding theme.

Did any of you guys go through any "infactuations" while wedding planning? Mine started out with centerpieces...I could look at them all day and never tire. Then I moved onto wedding vows...I would read thousands of sample wedding vows trying to decide on the perfect ones. And now I AM INFACTUATED WITH WEDDING DRESSES!!!


Kimberly said...

I started with venue infatuations, then it moved onto decorations for the reception site, then music for the wedding. I can totally relate to what you are feeling at the moment.

Non Sequitur Chica said...

When you go to your first dress store, go to a big one so that you can try on lots of different dresses, styles, etc. I was really surprised in the dresses that I liked and what I didn't like!

LauraAnn said...

Hey! I received your comment. I tried adjusting the main margin and width. Hopefully that will help. My future MIL's laptop does the same thing but I haven't heard of anyone else having issues. Thanks for giving me the heads up!