Thursday, May 23, 2013

The good news is......

After a reminder from a friend this morning, I realized I never updated Lainey's status after our appointment on Monday. There was some good news and some bad news....
  • GOOD news ~ The sutures were able to come out.
  • BAD news ~ She was limping the day of the appt.
  • GOOD news ~ Even though she was limping there were no signs of any damage to the leg (maybe sore muscle or something).
  • BAD news ~ She needs a new "customized" brace for her hock as the one she has doesn't fit her properly.
  • GOOD news ~ She has started on some new joint medication.
  • BAD news ~ I have to inject her with it myself
Within the next week she should be off of bed rest (again) and can go back to running, playing and just enjoying being a dog. Fingers (and toes) crossed and praying that this saga is over!
Lainey and her friend Kappy hiking last May
This was the last hike we took before tearing her ACL! 
I can't believe this saga has been going on for a year now!  And to think that I almost cried when the first doctor told us we were looking at 4-6 months recovery. 
If only I knew then what I know now 

Thursday, May 16, 2013


Every day I have this fabulous post in mind....and I just can't seem to find the time to do anything with it!

So are getting bullet points.  It's all I've got the brain capacity for.

  • Lainey landed herself at the emergency vet on Saturday evening.  The incision from her most recent surgery was very infected and needed treatment ASAP.  The specialist office who is handling her surgeries is over 2 hours away, so we opted for a 45 min drive to the nearest emergency vet instead.  She is doing much better now and will go on Monday to the specialist for a check-up and to hopefully have her sutures removed.

  • Due to the above....Lainey is going crazy!  She has been on bed rest since May 1st and the amount of pent up energy she has is driving us all a little nuts.  We try to stimulate her mentally, but it seems to only work for a short period of time.  It is killing her to not be able to take walks or run zoomies around the yard.

  • My birthday is Saturday and I will be spending the day with family celebrating my nephew turning 4.  I don't feel like celebrating my birthday this year as I realized yesterday how fast I am approaching the big 4-0!  It's hard for me to imagine that I will be 37 in a few days, because in my mind I was in my mid-late 20's only yesterday.

  • The mosquitos are HORRIBLE this year.  The other night I tried to apply some weed killer in the backyard and was eaten alive.  Last night I tried to mow the lawn and had to cover my entire body.  It was almost 80 degrees out and I was wearing long pants and a hooded sweatshirt tied tight around my chin.  It is absolutely ridiculous!

  • My step-daughter graduates highschool this year and we are hosting our own graduation party for her at our house (there is some bad blood between her mother and my husband so separate parties were a must).  I'm so worried about the mosquito issue since we plan to have everyone outdoors.  Any advice would be much appreciated.

  • I have 3 girlfriends who are (were) pregnant and 2 of them recently had their babies. I'm dying to meet these adorable babes, but unfortunately, they both live about 1 1/2 - 2 hours away from me.  Hopefully, in the next couple weeks I will be able to make a trip down for the day and love on these little ones.

That's all I have time for.....Happy Thursday!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Full Plate

I must apologize for my temporary leave of absence. Life has gotten the best of me lately.

For starters....Lainey had to go in last week for another (emergency) surgery.  She is currently on bed rest again and we will go on Monday to get the sutures removed.

After she had her 2nd ACL surgery on her left leg, we noticed a bump on her leg (see pic below).  Come to find out, the crimper plate was actually protruding out of her leg.  The surgeon knew at some point it would need to be removed, but she wanted us to try and get past 16 weeks of recovery before opening that leg back up again.

We made it 12 weeks, but could not put it off any longer.  She had started limping again, she refused to lay or put any pressure on the leg, and her recovery was declining instead of improving.

I'm praying that this saga is now over and after her sutures come out, we will never have any more issues!

In addition to Lainey's surgery, I also had a 2 day audit at work and I needed to prep about 2 weeks leading up to it.  Thankfully, this only happens once a year...and now it's over and I won't need to stress about it until next year.

I need a vacation!  I want sand between my toes and a drink with an umbrella...anyone with me?