Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Gluten Free.....No way, not me!

Tomorrow marks 8 weeks that I have had some sort of rash.  It is mostly on my lower back (upper buttocks), on my sides, around my chest, on my lower stomach, behind my ears and all over my scalp.  It is so itchy and drives me nuts.

I have been unable to see my family doctor as they are booked about 3 months out, so I have visited the urgent care 3 times and the emergency room once.  On all 4 visits I was diagnosed with contact dermatitis.  Meaning, I am coming into contact with something that I am having an allergic reaction to.

I've been prescribed mass amounts of prednisone, topical steroid cream and scalp wash....but, it continually keeps coming back.  We have gone through every item in our home (indoors and out) to see if there is something out of the ordinary that I have used and to this day we have thought of nothing.

Thankfully, I had an appointment with my regular physician yesterday for my annual and we were able to discuss my rash.  She made a phone call to a dermatology office and explained my situation and they were able to get me in yesterday afternoon.  Miracles do happen!!

A biopsy was taken off my lower back and will be sent out for testing and I also had some blood work drawn.  The specialist is thinking that I have Duhrings disease (aka dermatitis herpetaformis) and celiac disease.

Unfortunately, if this is the case, I will be on a strict gluten free diet and this will be a lifelong requirement (along with medication).  I've been wanting answers for weeks now as to what is causing all of this....but THIS is not the answer I would have hoped for.  I love food way too much to even "think" about having to go gluten free!

As much as I want this chronic itching to end.....I just never imagined this would be my answer.

Do any of you have to avoid gluten?  If so, what tips do you have.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Back to work blues

Today is the first day back in the office after 9 days away and to say the least...it is horrible!  I really need to find a way to find some happiness and fulfillment in this job or else I think I may have a breakdown.

Don't get me wrong, I must like it here since I've been with the company for 11 years....but I am far from being happy.  The problem is that I can't pinpoint exactly what it is that is making me so miserable.  The obvious reason is that my job responsibilities have increased ten-fold over the past 5 years or so, but yet I haven't had a raise in almost 7 years.  It is so frustrating.

I also don't appreciate the amount of "off the clock" work I do because the other managers are incompetent and most of our customers tend to call me when they need something because they know it will get done.  Regardless of the fact that the things they are calling me about have nothing to do with my position in the company.

I can bitch and complain all I want, but I guess until I can pinpoint all my issues and then confront the necessary people, nothing will change.

There will be some big decisions being made in the near future!  Wish me luck...