Monday, March 16, 2009

What a Glorious Day....

So for a Monday today hasn't started off too bad :) I feel well rested, the sun is supposed to shine and Don no longer has pool league on Mondays....Yippee! Let's hope that by this afternoon I'm still this positive.

This weekend was great. I could use more of these. I got caught up on some laundry but as you can see in the pic below my cats don't make it very easy. Every time I start to fold a load of clothes they have to lay on them. I know they think they are "helping" but sometimes mama doesn't need help.

I was also able to sell one of our mattresses from the bunk beds. Again, as I'm trying to carry the bed through the living room to the front door, the cats have to be involved!!

I spent the day with Kevin and Kerri yesterday. They are still adjusting to being back in Michigan. Hopefully once the weather gets nicer it will make their transition a little easier. Makenzie is adorable. She is now walking and starting to talk. I'm almost sure I got her to say "Mamy" yesterday.

No big projects this week on the house so it will be nice to relax and take the time to enjoy the house and enjoy some much needed time with my fiance :)

Happy Monday!!

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