Wednesday, March 18, 2009

McCamly Plaza

Hallelujah......I think we've found it........we are 99.99% sure that the wedding and reception will take place here. The accomodations are so nice and the physical space is exactly what we have been looking for. We are going to do the ceremony in the Miller Room

And will have the reception in the Branson Ball Room

I know, I know.......these pics are horrible!! They were replacing some of the bulbs in the chandeliers so it was pretty dark in there.....if only I had my sister's photography talent and knew how to run the camera to get a better shot.

The other option we had was to have the reception in the newly renovated Penthouse Banquet Room, but the room was rather long and narrow which didn't leave us a lot of space for Don.

Well, that's the update for now....hopefully, things will work out and we can get ourselves booked for October 9, 2010.

Happy Wednesday!

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