Friday, March 20, 2009

Wedding Inspiration Board

I've been reading a lot of articles that say a bride-to-be should have an inspiration board to inspire and to serve as guides during the planning process. Skeptical as I am of the fancy name and formality of The Wedding Inspiration Board (gag!), I still recognize a fantastic idea when I see one, and this is most certainly a fantastic idea. For example, when you visit your florist you'll show her pictures of flowers you like. However, instead of just plucking out the flower pictures from your notebook, you show her your inspiration board. By using a board that gives an impression of what you're looking for overall, she might be able to make suggestions to elaborate on an emerging theme, and, voila! Your wedding just got even more spectacular.

This will also give you a good overview of things that work well together (and things that don't). Sometimes, when planning each little detail, it's hard to remember the overall effect. If you include pictures of everything from food to flowers to dresses to lighting, you'll have a better idea of what your guests will see on your wedding day, when all of a sudden they walk in and see it all put together. And, as you'll know ahead of time thanks to your inspiration board, it will be fabulous! And, as extra credit for your hard work, if it's really pretty, you might even consider framing it as a memento of the days you spent planning your wedding. Or, if you didn't do such a fancy job, you can burn it as soon as the wedding is over and be released once and for all from wedding details. Your call!

As of is my inspiration board (be aware, it will most definitely change as my ideas change). Please feel free to leave me your comments on what you like, what you don't like or what you think is a better idea!

Happy Friday!

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Kate_Edwards said...

I love the calalilly (sp?) bouquet!