Friday, June 19, 2009

Roll with the punches.......

I'm back on track...........My minor meltdown the other day has turned into something so positive.

Wednesday night I made WW Deep Dish Pizza Casserole and it was a hit!! Mister and I had leftovers last night. Mmmm good!!

Tonight we have Lil D so we are going to make these. I love me some good wings so I'm excited!

Saturday we are out of town but on Sunday this is on the menu.

Mister and I went shopping the other night and got all the ingrediants to make 9 meals. I am not one who likes to cook, but I can't wait to try new things! I'll pass along the likes/dislikes sometime next week.

Happy Friday!!

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Chris said...

@ chicken wings don't sound like much or can you have more than that. I love the garlic mashed potatoes they sound really good