Friday, June 26, 2009

FiestaWare Tent Sale

Today I am leaving with my sister to head to Newell, WV where we will be attending the Semi-Annual FiestaWare Clearance Tent Sale.......yippee, yahoo.....I'm so excited!

Homer Laughlin China Company will put up a big tent and sell all of the "seconds" they have on hand. The sale is held twice a year in June and October. My sister went last year and brought me back some goodies, which in turn, resulted in my infactuation with all things FiestaWare.....thanks Rachel!!
From what I hear, the tent is huge and filled with pallets of FiestaWare. There is no guarantee what is going to be there, but it is all the colors and items currently being produced. It is not arranged in any particular fashion, you just have to dig for what you want. If you look at the pieces long enough you can usually see why they were considered to be "seconds. They may have some small bumps on them, uneven glaze or maybe a dark speck or too! To be honest, you would never even know the pieces my sister got me were "seconds".

My sister has also informed me that we need to bring socks to wear on our hands to wipe off the dust and dirt.....I just can't wait to see a bunch of people, all frantically searching through bins with socks on their hands. It's going to be exciting....and maybe even a little bit scary!


Abbie said...

That is too funny! I'd probably wear some old winter gloves from Wal-mart instead. I hope you found something!

alissa said...

i love the colors! i hope you find some treasures