Monday, June 29, 2009

Newell, WV

So the weekend was a whirl-wind....... I worked until 3pm on Friday and then headed to my sisters house so we could load up her vehicle and head to Newell, WV for the FiestaWare Tent Sale. We arrived at our destination about 10:30pm, checked into the hotel and got some shut-eye! Saturday was the tent sale and it was totally worth the trip.....Well, some may beg to differ considering the cost of the trip (including gas, hotel, food) was about 2-3 times more then what we spent at the sale.

Anywho........I got some great finds and I can't wait to go back next year!

Here we are waiting in line for our was mighty chilly out.....I think in my picture my teeth are actuallly chattering!!

And here are all my goodies.......I ended up with 32 pieces of FiestaWare so not a bad trip!! (and in case you can't tell....most of my kitchen dishes are ORANGE)

A HUGE thank you to my sister for such wonderful memories......I had a blast, I hope you did!

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RealRach said...

I WAS loving life until I saw that lovely photo of me! LOL hahaha we did have fun! I can't believe we talked for over 4 hours straight. So much for the book on tape! LOL
I saw we make it a yearly event! But we can add more people to help cut down on the cost! Hey sometimes you have to pay for happiness!