Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Fun Cakes Rental

Wedding cakes are the center of any wedding party. Brides dream about their cake, however the cost of wedding cakes can skyrocket, also the possibility of falling over during transportation, heat and humidity for the outdoor weddings can be a major concern.

Fun Cakes Rental out of Grandville, MI provides a service where you can rent a wedding cake. Yes, you read correctly...You can RENT a wedding cake!! The main cake is covered with real fondant with the looks and feel of a real cake, however the inside is made of foam and there is a small compartment to place a small portion of edible cake for the ceremony. After the couple "feeds" each other, the display cake is taken back into the kitchen and the guests are served regular sheet cakes from your local bakery.

A lot of times people do not need, or cannot afford, a huge cake, but they want the impact of a large cake. This is a nice way of doing that. Not to mention this can save you a ton of money. You can have the cake of your dreams and still stay in your price range.

You can choose from many pre-designed cakes or you can design your own....here are a couple of my favorites:


RealRach said...

Eh..just the cupcakes. Don't waste the money on a fake either. The impact of hundreds of cupcakes is so cool. I've seen it done.

Amy Jo said...

I agree....we don't plan on doing this, I just thought it was cool. And even cooler that they are out of Grand Rapids area!

Mary.O said...

That's a very interesting concept hun... and boy do I love wedding cakes! They make me so happy!

I'll have to pass this information onto my granddaughter who is getting married next year. I'm sure she'll appreciate information like this.

Great wedding cake idea.


Abbie said...

They're definitely pretty! We're saving $$ by doing a smaller cake and then having different cupcakes and cheesecake, as well.