Friday, May 8, 2009


Okay, it's Friday and I feel like my brain is fried.......what a week! Well, I have a lot to get off my chest so here goes.........(FYI ~ this is going to be the most random post EVER)
  • Great news! I just found out that my cousin Michelle is pregnant and her due date is December 29. The day before my dad's birthday. Congrats Michelle.
  • My cousin Danny is getting married June 13 in Ohio and my sister was smart enough to figure out that that happens to be the day before our BIG Nascar trip with my nephew Zander. Bummer, looks like we will have to make a quick trip to OH and then head back home for Sunday's big race.
  • My stepdad Greg's birthday is today.......Happy Birthday Greg!
  • I started sorting all of our "junk"..errr I mean "stuff"....for a garage sale last night. When we moved in together in January we combined a whole lot of stuff that we don't need. We have managed to get rid of a lot to family members and friends, but there is a ton of stuff left. Most importantly, I need to get rid of the new stove and fridge that are taking up massive space in my garage. And I can't wait to take control of my basement again.
  • Don is going through some personal stuff with his kids and I would just like everyone to keep him in their thoughts. He could use some positive energy thrown his if he doesn't have enought to deal with in his life already!
  • My dear friend Marianna is house-hunting and I went with her last night to check out a house.......The house is basically located in my backyard and I couldn't be more excited. We both loved the house and I'm loving the idea as having her as my neighbor again!
  • Picked up some flowers yesterday at Horrocks with my future MIL. We had a great time shopping together and she was so helpful. It was nice to spend some "alone" time with her. I can't wait to get my pots planted and get some color in our yard! I never thought I would say this, but I think I could really begin to like gardening.....Don't tell anyone I said that I have a reputation to uphold! And don't tell anyone that I'm really starting to like to cook either......what is this world coming to?
  • It's supposed to be 75 degrees here today in good 'ole Michigan but only 50 degrees for the rest of the weekend.....why is it always nice during the week and so crappy on the weekends. I have a TON of yard work to get done!!

Okay, that's all the randomness I have for now! Happy Friday!

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RealRach said...

Ummm yeah...I thought dad's Birthday was the 30th? LOL

And it's so great to keep up with family news from YOU. LOL Only you will understand these random comments.