Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Health Issues

Since December I've been having some health issues.  After a CT scan it was discovered that I had colitis and my colon walls were severely thickened and inflamed.  I was treated with some antibiotics and scheduled for a colonoscopy. 

Yesterday was my colonoscopy and the colitis is still showing up, which surprised the doctor because he was assuming it would be gone.  He took some biopsies and I will go back in February for another consultation.

As of now they are assuming it's either Crohns Disease or Ulcerative Colitis.  I am currently being treated with medication for ulcerative colitis and depending on the biopsy results this could be long term....like the rest of my life!

The good news is that there were no signs of cancer!  After having cervical cancer it's always a scary thought whenever something major happens in terms of my health.

So now I am playing the waiting game again.  And let me tell you....waiting sucks when it comes to your health!


KT said...

Yikes- I'm so sorry to hear this. I don't know much about either of those, but they don't sound fun. :-(

Chris said...

So sorry to hear about this Amy, I didn't know. I guess you have to watch what you eat now. I have to watch what Steve puts in his mouth now with him having diverticulitis. No seeds, nothing with skin like corn or peas and I have to put our canned tomatoes in the blender so there are no seeds in there. But I love him and want to keep him healthy so I will do what I have to do. Take care Love you

Chris said...

Oh and I think the worst is no peanuts or popcorn. I hate that because I love both