Friday, January 28, 2011

The small things add up

The husband and I have been making small changes in order to save money on our bills each month. Here is what we have done so far: 

Back in the fall we decided to look into our auto insurance and found that if we simply added the husband to my current account we could save a decent chunk of we did! 

In December we had the gas company come out and install 'water saver' faucets on a few of our sinks, a shower head in my bathroom and a programmable thermostat. This was a free energy saver program through our gas company and was supposed to help us cut down on water usage and save on the amount of gas we were using to heat the water heater and use the furnace.  This was a total failure.  I haven't figured it out yet, but since installing these new features our water bill and gas bill has gone up a significant amount. Failure!

Today we decided to tackle our phone, internet, cable and see what cost savings we could come up with.  By eliminating our home phone (which we have used about 5 times in 2 years) we only needed to price out plans for cable and internet.  After much research we decided to cancel our comcast and go with direct tv.  We are going to save $100/month by this change...Success!

What other small changes could we make?  What have you done to put a few extra bucks in your pocketbook each month?

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RealRach said...

Coupons, Buying clothes ONLY when TRULY needed, Off brand vs name brand, no bars (oh wait never did that), not eating out (and healthier), no vacations (oh wait, never took one).