Thursday, May 9, 2013

Full Plate

I must apologize for my temporary leave of absence. Life has gotten the best of me lately.

For starters....Lainey had to go in last week for another (emergency) surgery.  She is currently on bed rest again and we will go on Monday to get the sutures removed.

After she had her 2nd ACL surgery on her left leg, we noticed a bump on her leg (see pic below).  Come to find out, the crimper plate was actually protruding out of her leg.  The surgeon knew at some point it would need to be removed, but she wanted us to try and get past 16 weeks of recovery before opening that leg back up again.

We made it 12 weeks, but could not put it off any longer.  She had started limping again, she refused to lay or put any pressure on the leg, and her recovery was declining instead of improving.

I'm praying that this saga is now over and after her sutures come out, we will never have any more issues!

In addition to Lainey's surgery, I also had a 2 day audit at work and I needed to prep about 2 weeks leading up to it.  Thankfully, this only happens once a year...and now it's over and I won't need to stress about it until next year.

I need a vacation!  I want sand between my toes and a drink with an umbrella...anyone with me?


Non Sequitur Chica said...

Poor Lainey! I really hope this is her last surgery!

Hannah@Eriesistibull said...

Ugh, how rough!

What kind of audit did you have?

I'm in for a vaca!!