Wednesday, January 23, 2013

You will NEVER believe this...

Lainey tore her ACL in her other leg on Monday. 

Are you as shocked and saddened as I am?

Due to the complications we have had with the first surgery, we have decided to take her to a specialist (all the way across the state) for them to perform a specialized surgery that won't entail using any nylon material.

As I told you here, her body is rejecting the nylon, so it didn't make sense for our normal surgeon to perform the same procedure.

In addition to her having surgery we will also need to get her fitted for a doggie wheelchair.  She will be unable to bear weight on either leg for quite some time and this will help us avoid any further damage to her first leg and assist in healing with the second leg.

Her surgery is tomorrow so please wish us luck and pray for some healing strength for Lainey.  It also wouldn't hurt for you to pray that I win the lottery to pay for all of this either :-)

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Non Sequitur Chica said...

Whaaaaaaat?? POOR LAINEY!! Poor you!

I hope her latest surgery goes well and that this will finally be the end to all of the surgeries!!