Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Somewhat of an Update

I didn't get to talk to the vet last night as they had an emergency going on when I called, but as of yesterday afternoon when I spoke to them, all her vitals were good and she finally started eating (only if her favorite nurse fed her though).  Can you say "spoiled"?

She is not walking on the leg at all, but that is normal since the cast was just removed Sunday night. The incision and staples look good and she doesn't have any swelling and only minimal bruising. 

They are waiting on some cultures to come back so they can check her bacteria levels in order to get approval for the second surgery on Friday. She is taking her meds well (pain meds, anti inflammatory & antibiotics), but her fentenyl patch is no longer working, so she has started showing signs of some pain (as to be expected with what she has going on). 

Lainey has 2 favorite nurses and it sounds like everyone there just loves her. A couple of the nurses (her favorites) even get inside her cage with her throughout the day and love on her until she falls asleep in their lap.

This is 2 days post surgery...I think she is saying "Mama, pleeeease get me outta here"

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