Monday, January 7, 2013

2013 Started with a Bang

Sorry things have been so quiet around this little ole blog!  I had 2 weeks off from work for the holidays and I vowed to spend as much time with my family and loved ones as possible, which left very little time for the internet.

And then on the second day back to work this new year, I came down with the flu and was totally bed-ridden for four days straight.

Needless to say....2013 has not started off the way I had planned.

But, It's a new day and I'm back to work and feeling healthy once again.

I'm buried in work and don't see myself digging a hole out any time soon, so my "2012 in Review" post probably isn't going to happen.  Which is okay.  I'm not going to stress out over this little ole blog.  (That is one of my resolutions....don't stress the small stuff)

On a brighter note, I just received a call from Lainey's surgeon and it looks like for the first time since her surgery she is A-OK!  They recently drained all of the fluid off her knee and since then she has been doing amazingly well.  She is no longer limping and she walks on her leg ALL THE TIME now.  I even took her out to the backyard the other day without a leash and she was running around in the snow.  She was so happy that it brought tears to my eyes.  I think we have finally turned the corner and she will continue to recover from here on out.

I can't think of any better news to brighten my day!  This has been such a long and stressful time for us.

As far as I'm New Year starts NOW!  So, HAPPY NEW YEAR my friends!

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KT said...

Yay Lainey! Boo for the flu. It sounds like a large number of bloggers rang in the New Year sick and that stinks!! Hopefully your year only looks up from the flu!