Thursday, February 16, 2012

My Love/Hate Relationship with Pinterest

If you were to ask me how I feel about Pinterest, I would go on and on and on about how I absolutely luuuuurrrvvee it.  But, last night I got to looking at my pins and it got me thinking!  Most of the items I have pinned are for "looks only".

I will NEVER have the patience to do this

I will NEVER be thin enough to wear this:

I will NEVER convince my husband to allow pink appliances in our home

I will NEVER have hair long enough to look like this

I will NEVER have a kitchen this spacious

I will NEVER have a midsection that looks like this

I will NEVER have the patience to do this

I will NEVER have a house this cool

I could do this all day, but I think you get the idea. I guess Pinterest is a place where I can dream!

source for all photos


KT said...

I try to only pin stuff that I will actually MAKE, DO, or COULD DO to our house. It cuts down on the number of pins that I have. :-) Maybe make a board named "in my dreams" or something!

Anonymous said...

lol - i hear ya!! i do the same thing ... it's dreaming of the "ifs" and "if only" ... but I do have a few pins that are a bit more realistic, too. I too have this love/hate relationship with pinterest!