Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Changing People's Views

"Is she a Pit Bull?"

This is a question I hear frequently.  More often than not, people ask the question with fear in their eyes.

As a result, I try to be a pit bull ambassador whenever I step out the door with my dog.  We do our best to affect each person that we meet.  Most people who dislike pit bull's typically have never actually met one.  For this reason, I want to show people what amazing, lovable companions they can be.

Most people leave convinced after she plants some big wet kisses on them, but there will always be a few skeptics. 

I had three different people approach me in puppy class Monday night to tell me (in a nutshell) how surprised they were that she was such a loving dog.  Two of the ladies actually said they wanted to bring their husbands to class so they could see what a beautiful, full of life, affectionate dog she was.

I was a proud Pit Bull Mama!

Dogs are individuals, I can't stress that enough.  And all dogs can bite...people need to remember that.

The comment I hear the most, usually has something to do with pit bulls having "locking jaws".  This is untrue.  Pit Bulls do not have locking jaws.  Nor do they require a key to unhinge them!  They are not different from who they were nearly a century ago when they were America's premier war hero and family dog.

The problem lies in that people are not being educated on how to properly raise and handle these breeds.  These are not dogs that just anyone can own.  They require a lot of attention and discipline.

I absolutely believe that we have a "Bully Movement" going on here in America.  These dogs are finally being promoted in a positive manner and I plan to play a part in this.

I can only hope that pit bulls will someday rise above their reputation.

Now take a look at these pictures and tell me why this breed deserves to be banned and removed from the care and love of their families.

Lainey & Webbie ~ Best Friends

Webbie & I

Lainey ~ 2 months old

Lainey ~ 3 months old

Webbie ~ The Bumblebee

Webbie & Lainey at the Howl-o-ween Pet Parade

Webbie won 1st Place in the KISSING contest

Lainey ~ 4 months old

Lainey ~ 5 months old

Lainey ~ 6 months old



KT said...

It's definitely all in how a dog is raised. It's a shame that so many cities and towns have banned certain breeds.

elisa said...

Not sure what the laws are here in NC but I know Ohio was passing a law to take them off the "bad dog" list.

They are totally sweet dogs, it's the owner that makes them (or any other dog) mean. Good for you for getting the work out there.