Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Every morning on my drive to work I have such great intentions of writing some fabulous blog post.  As you can see....it never happens!  I just don't have the time to write every day (or even every other day).

As a result, you are left with bullet points. 

  • I'm becoming more and more annoyed with facebook.  My newest annoyance is people who keep posting the "if you are my true friend you will like this post and copy...if not, I'll understand".  Give me a break people....can your self esteem really be so low that you are begging people to "like" you!!!

  • It's been raining for 2 days here in west Michigan and I just can't get used to it.  It is Michigan....In January....it should be snowing!!!

  • I have 2 big home improvement projects that I would like to start, but I haven't found the energy (or the time) to make it happen.

  • I broke down and upgraded my iPhone to the new 4s.  My old 3GS still worked, but after dropping it into the toilet the sound only worked every so often.

  •  Another facebook annoyance is when people "announce" that they are going to delete friends from their list.  Again, this is just begging for people to boost your self esteem by forcing them to comment in order to remain safe on your list.

  • I just realized that I could go on and on about my current pet-peeves concerning facebook (I like you enough to spare you)

  • Took Lainey to our first puppy training class last night.  One word...HORRIBLE!  This deserves a post of it's own (to follow soon)

  • Today is the 6 year anniversary of my grandpa passing & the 3 year anniversary of moving into our house

  • Everyone I know or talk to is sick!  I can only hope that I stay healthy.

  • Like a majority of all woman...I'm addicted to Pinterest
Speaking of Pinterest, I gotta go so I have a minute to browse before my lunch hour is over :-)


KT said...

At first I didn't understand Pinterest but as soon as I got an invite, I am addicted!!

elisa said...

I love bullet point posts. And I agree with all of your facebook vents. I have one to add, when people only post about how great their kids are. Esp with sports. Annoying!!!