Thursday, March 24, 2011


I've been feeling a bit depressed, angry, sad, discouraged and hopeless lately.  Sometimes its easier to concentrate on those bad feelings when you're going through a tough time in life.  However, I am quickly finding out how unhealthy this way of thinking is.

I have challenged myself to try and concentrate on the positive, even if only for one day.  So here is a list of all (most) of the things I am grateful for today:

  1. My parents (including step parents)-for being wise
  2. My siblings-for the unconditional love
  3. My closest friends-for being my companions in life
  4. My heart-for giving me the ability to feel (both love and pain)
  5. My immune system-for battling off all the viruses that are going around
  6. My mind-for the ability to think, make choices, store memories and create solutions
  7. My tears-for helping me express my deepest emotions
  8. My smile-for helping hide the sadness
  9. My cats-for filling my life with joy even in my darkest moments
  10. The internet-for filling me with knowledge
  11. My job-for giving me a source of financial security
  12. Music-for lifting my spirits when I am down
  13. My home-for a place I can call 'home'
  14. Heartbreak-for making me stronger
  15. Love-for allowing myself to feel what it truly means to be 'alive'
  16. My fears-for allowing me opportunities to grow
  17. Movies/TV-for providing a source of entertainment
  18. iPhone-for making it easy to stay in touch and provide entertainment
  19. Life's challenges-for helping me grow and become a better person
  20. Waterproof Mascara-for making it easier to hide the tears
  21. My car-for providing a 'get-away' tool
  22. My nephews-for allowing my pride to runeth-over
  23. Armed Forces-for all of their sacrifices
  24. Happy Endings
What are you grateful for?

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