Monday, September 13, 2010

A "NEW" ME....

Since the wedding I've been feeling very "blah" about myself.  I've gained about 7-8 lbs, my crows feet around my eyes seem to be getting worse, I've lost all signs of a once golden brown tan.  I never take the time to do my hair anymore and the closest thing to makeup that has touched my face the past couple of months has been vaseline and/or lip balm.

I decided that maybe a change in my hairstyle was just what I needed to give myself that extra boost of confidence.  It would make me excited and want to take the time to "get ready".

Unfortunately, the exact opposite has happened.  Not one person who has seen my new hairstyle (in real life, not in pictures) seems to like it.  I think my self confidence is worse now than it was before making the change.

Here is a picture of the husband and I a couple weeks ago.  I had recently gotten bangs cut thinking that a small change like that would do the trick.

My "bob" style cut I have had for years with added bangs
Here is the photo (from iPhone) just after leaving the salon

"NEW" Look
And this one was taken yesterday in my car (via iPhone) glasses never seemed SO big before...LOL
What do you think of the new "do"?  I'm trying to like it since it is SO easy to get ready, but I just don't think it's "me".  Looks like I'm officially growing my hair back out....


Shell said...

don't grow it back out!! It looks fantastic!

It is hip and fresh and young!

It looks great - bugger the silly people that have not commented (IRL)... they are just not with the programme!

RealRach said...

LOVE IT!!!! Don...hear this...DEAL WITH IT!