Friday, September 17, 2010

In my opinion, it's disturbing

For the record....this is MY opinion.  I do not expect everyone/anyone to feel the same way as me!

I was reading a story today about a family of a newborn baby who are asking for donations of breastmilk after his mother died unexpectedly one week after giving birth.  Although my heart is broken for this new dad and sweet baby who will never know his mother, I just can't get past the fact that this father will be giving his baby breastmilk that came from complete strangers.

There are no laws or guidelines against doing this which seems utterly ridiculous to me.  How do you have any idea what your baby will be ingesting?  Who know's what kind of diseases or substances could be unknowingly/unintentionally passed on to this baby.

If a stranger on the street walked up to you and offered you their breastmilk for your baby, would you take it and give it to them?  Without knowing anything about them, their habits, their health, etc.

I think it is very kind of so many mothers to want to help, but I have to say, that for myself, I would never consider giving unscreened breastmilk to my baby.  Not that I have a baby...or have ever had a baby, but just sayin!

And as I stated above...This is MY opinion!!  And maybe if I were a mother I would feel differently?  I don't know.


Kimberly said...

Amy Jo - At first glance, I feel the same way. I did some additional research, and I believe that the collections are being funneled thru organizations who will help to ensure the safety of the donated breastmilk. With that being said, I understand your feelings, and I am not certain that even as a mother this is something I could do.

RealRach said...

F O R M U L A ! try it!