Friday, September 24, 2010

The Bagette

Every year my hometown has a women's golf tournament called "The Bagette".  My mom has been golfing in this tournament since the first one (about 18 years).  About 4 years ago she needed someone to fill in for the 4th spot on her team so I did it.  And no, I did not do it because I like to golf, or am remotely good at golfing.  (I've only golfed 4 times in my life with this year being the 5th)  I did it because it sounded like so much fun to spend the day with a bunch of fabulous woman having the time of our lives.  And that is exactly what we do....have the time of our lives!

Here is a look back at our Bagette days....(for some reason I don't have any pictures from 2009)

The Bagette is tomorrow and I can't wait!!!

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