Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Halloween Fever

Edit: Picture added

This is the first holiday since we've been in our new house. Well, not technically, but does anyone really decorate for 4th of July or Labor Day??? Didn't think so!

Halloween is the first holiday that we are decorating our house. It is so much fun. I had a few halloween decorations from my apartment days and we picked up some pumpkins (large for outdoors and small for indoors) the other day. I love decorating for Halloween because there is so much Black Cat stuff to choose from. One can never have too many black cats around the house.....

Walker & Tucker
My future MIL went to an antique auction and bought me the cutest black cat decoration. It stands about 2 ft tall and is made entirely out of metal. It even has a head that moves (well, bobbles back and forth) and a tail that moves. (see pic below)

And my mom just sent me the cutest link on how to decorate your pumpkins to look like black cats. How cool would these look sitting on my front steps?