Friday, September 18, 2009

Master Bedroom Dilemma

There is just something about our Master Bedroom that we don't like. After numerous conversations with fiance we decided that maybe we needed a headboard or some type of new bed frame. Of course, I was all for this.....any excuse to go shopping is okay by me!

After countless hours on the internet and searching a few stores we ended up at ArtVan last night. I'm attending some decorating classes there and they had given me a 15% off coupon so we thought what the heck, it's worth a shot.

Well, we started off in the clearance center and we found a couple bed frames we liked, but the headboards were both damaged and even with the clearance price it wasn't worth spending that amount of money on something in that poor of condition. After almost giving up our search the sales associate asked us if we had seen the new models that they just got in. Of course, in my mind I knew we could never afford them but agreed to take a look anyway.

As expected, I fell in love with one immediately but was scared to look at the price. The tag had gotten flipped over from a fan that was blowing on it so you couldn't see the price and I just couldn't bring myself to walk over and take a peek. Well after 20 minutes of talking with the sales associate he stepped away for a minute. Fiance and I kept talking about the bed, but neither one of us wanted to look at the price. Finally, we agreed that if by a miracle it was priced under $400 we would buy it on the spot (considering the prices of the ones in the clearance center that were damaged were over $200). I quickly turned over the price tag and gasped......this was a $1000 bed frame that was 50% off. And don't forget that I had a coupon that I could use toward 1 sale item of my choice. And this was definitely my item of choice. We quickly did the math in our heads and figured out that the discounted price should be around $425.

The sales associate came back just as we realized this may be in our reach and we asked him to please do the math and let us know what our final price would be. Just as we had figured $424.99......oh, the dilemma! I knew I wanted the bed, but I wanted to make sure that fiance was on the same page. The sales associate stepped away again and as soon as he was out of sight fiance turned to me and said "we've got to have this bed. I've never had a bed frame before and wasn't sure I wanted one, but we have to get this". And that my folks, is how we became the owners of this pretty little thing

Edit: Sorry the picture is so big but you get the general idea!

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Kate_Edwards said...

x-cellent choice, classic style that you won't get sick of.