Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wedding Industry Can Suck

I've talked numerous times about how happy I am with our revised wedding plans. And still to this exact moment I'm more excited than I ever thought possible. I'm still okay with the fact that my wedding will not have grand chandeliers, a gigantic dancefloor, and a ballroom that is picture perfect. It's the meaning behind our new wedding plans that make my heart flutter.

In the beginning stages of my wedding planning I stalked every wedding blog I could find, I over-saturated my senses with inpiration photos. It seemed like we were planning the perfect wedding with perfect details because that's what the wedding industry had led me to believe. Don't get me wrong, I'm still detail oriented and I know our wedding will be beautiful. But, it will look like us, not like it came straight out of a magazine.

And as far as our wedding budget is concerned, I'm content with what we have spent so far. I'm content that we are concentrating more on why we buy certain things and not listening to the wedding industry who is telling us what to buy. The wedding industry also encourages you to buy, buy, buy like there's no tomorrow....because you should, because you have to!

Hopefully five or ten years down the road we will still reflect on our wedding and not have any regrets. I hope we will still think our "simple" centerpieces were cool and our cheap (but creative) favors were awesome.

And this is why I'm loving every minute of planning our non-budget, casual, backyard wedding.


Abbie said...

It's going to be amazing... and more importantly, yours. Don't fret over the money you're not spending. It will drive you crazy looking at the blog weddings... I know! Enjoy the process and know that it's going to be a fabulous day, and in the end, you'll be married to the man you love... without paying a fortune for it!!

Kimberly said...

I have no doubts that your wedding is going be amazing because it will reflect exactly who/what you and your fiance are and how you feel about each other. My hubby and I did our wedding on a limited budget and almost 6 months post wedding, I still love every choice we made.