Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Wishing Wall

Most brides, including myself, want to personalize their wedding day. They want something that is different than every other wedding they have attended. Well, I have decided to forgo the guestbook and instead use this Wishing Wall.
You have your wedding guests write a wish for the happy couple and then tuck them into the Wishing Wall. It also comes with a keepsake WishChest that you can store all your wishes after the wedding.

Below is a picture (very blurry picture) of the Wishing Wall.
And here is an enlarged picture.

Product Review:
I'm so disappointed in the appearance....I wish I had read the description better when I ordered!! It is made of 100% recycled cardboard, which is great, but it is actually made out of plain cardboard.....it's going to need a little work. Hopefully, my creative sister will find a way to "spruce" it up a little bit to make it more presentable. I love the whole concept of this item, but it does not look like it cost as much as I paid for it.

This could also be a great product to find new ways to keep married life fun....both partners can take a moment once a week or so and scribble down a thought, phrase, observation, or stupid movie quote and tuck them away. When either of you are having a bad day or need a good laugh you can pull a note from the frame.


RealRach said...

without seeing it...this is what I want to do to it. We are going to mod podge sister!!! We are going to find some very cool paper made my the one and only Kristin Aagard, and cover this sucker up!

If it's too cheap of cardboard, we might have to just paint it and dress it up with silk flowers or some design.

Abbie said...

Cool wrapping paper. That would do the trick. Seriously. It'll be perfect.