Monday, July 20, 2009

And we start over.......

So after declaring to the world last week our newly revised wedding plans we basically had to start over from scratch. And as much as you would think that the idea of "starting over" would be stressful, it has actually been so much fun! I feel so much more at ease and I'm having so much more fun with the whole process now. I am 100% certain that this is how wedding planning is supposed to feel and I LOVE IT!!!

Step 1: Find a location. We checked around our city for some outdoor venues but as of yet we have come up empty handed. They are either too far away, don't allow alcohol, don't allow tent/canopies or are not handicap accessible. So we are currently hoping and praying that my mom's house will be the ideal location. I have a company meeting me there tomorrow so they can measure and get a visual of the location and then tell me if this spot will be do-able or not! I don't know if I've ever prayed so hard for something, but I want this to work....I need this to work!

Step 2: Decor. In some ways we are keeping some of the same ideas. I will still be using black, red & damask which will allow me to use the damask table runners that I already purchased. (thank god, because I love them) The only major change might be the centerpieces. I don't think I will be doing such large, formal centerpieces as I had once planned. I love the casualness of the outdoor wedding so less formal is okay by me. And cheaper many good ideas I just need to decide on one and go for it. I found some black felt candelabra's yesterday at Micheal's that are PERFECT for my damask theme but they only had 4...I bought them immediately. I also am going to pick up the 1 they have at the Michael's in the town where I work. But that only makes 5.......if any of you have a Michaels near you and would be willing to help a girl out......let me know!
(FYI ~ this is NOT the same one I bought, but you get the idea)

And since my mom's yard is full of tress, why not hang some paper lanterns??

Step 3: Food. Okay, I have to be honest.......I can't wait to decide on the food (probably because I love to eat). But really, we are thinking more of a BBQ type setting with pulled pork, ribs, potato salad, mac n cheese, green beans etc. I think the food will reflect the personalities of not only us, but also our family and guests. Some of my most favorite memories are those which contain a backyard BBQ for the backdrop.

Step 4: Dress. Before we changed our plans, I was totally picturing myself in a princess ballgown, but now that things are less formal (and outdoors) I'm really not sure of the type of dress I want. I'm thinking along the lines of something shorter that will show off some fabulous shoes (and won't drag on the grass the whole time).

I'm really loving this little number by Alfred Angelo

Now if only my legs could look like that models............

Well, that's about as far as we have gotten on this whole planning we just need to finalize some details and keep forging ahead!


Kimberly said...

I love the idea of a BBQ for the food. At my wedding in March, we had grilled chicken (my favorite), potato salad (hubby's favorite), green beans, salads, rolls. The drinks were sweet tea, water and lemonade. Everyone raved that the food was simple and delish and a true reflection of us.

Non Sequitur Chica said...

I love all of the new ideas! The dress is super cute!