Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Creative Seating Cards

Here are a few new and creative ideas from Martha.

"Seating" Cards
These tiny chairs may be too small for sitting, but they are the perfect size for displaying guests' names and table numbers. The seats are made from heavyweight paper -- we used pale yellow for ladies and pale green for gents -- and can be calligraphed or run through a printer. Tidy rows, however, won't stay that way if a breeze blows by, so make this an indoor display.

Tented Seating Cards
Tented seating cards are elevated to new heights atop a pillow of carnations. Cut several standard bricks of floral foam in half horizontally, soak in water, and place in shallow plastic flower-box trays. Snip off the carnation heads, leaving a little bit of stem on each, and insert into the foam; each half-brick should hold about two dozen carnations and four seating cards.

Drawn Diagram
Guests skim the alphabetized list at the right of this elegant seating chart to find their table number, then locate their table on the floor plan.

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M said...

I like the diagram, but I'm told that some people can't read things like maps and that it might cause confusion... but it just seems easiest to me. What do you think?