Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Can it get any worse?

Went back to the oral surgeons today and I have 2 more dry sockets....that's 3 total!! Seriously, how can this be happening? I have followed my instructions just as they said and I still managed to get dry sockets. The surgeon tells me that "it just happens" but if you want my honest opinion I think IT JUST HAPPENS TO ME!!! I wish I could describe the pain I felt when the surgeon was packing the sockets today but I just don't think there are even words in the dictionary that would describe it. I started crying and when I say crying I mean all out bawling, hiperventilating, was the worst thing I have ever experienced!! At this moment I actually have a tear running down my face just re-living the experience. I have to go back on Friday and get this done again so please pray for me! I just can't imagine going through today's experience again in a couple days, but what can I do?
I'm still unable to eat and the doctor said it will be like this for many weeks to come (which made me cry even harder today). At least I can pray to lose a few pounds from all of this!
Pretty much this has been the Worst Experience EVER.........

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Non Sequitur Chica said...

Oh no that sounds awful! Get better soon (or get some seriously strong pain meds!!)!