Monday, February 23, 2009


So I never thought I would be the "blogging" type, but my life has become so hectic with the new house, the wedding planning and my job that I feel like I have lost touch with everyone and thought maybe this would be a quick way to keep everyone updated on my life since I no longer have time to return phone calls, answer emails, etc. Again, I'm sorry for falling off the face of the earth!

I made my first trip to IKEA on Saturday with my sister Rachel and it was so incredibly awesome! I think we made it through in about 3 hours, but I could have definitely spent more time there. There's such a mass selection of items that if I hadn't of done my homework ahead of time I think it would have gotten overwhelming. I made it out of there spending $150 less then my fiance had given me permission for...LOL I put together a dresser I purchased and I must admit that the quality is great and the amount of time/effort that it took to put together was quite minimal. I can't wait to see the other items once they are put together. Out of my entire purchase I must admit, my favorite item of the day was this "bunch" of willow branches that I plan to use as part of my wedding decor. It was only $14.99 for the entire bunch which was too big for my hands to fit around and taller than I am! What a great buy...I only wish I would have gotten 3 sets instead of 2.

On another note, we are getting the new carpet installed in our basement today. I had to empty out all the rooms and I can hardly move today. My butt muscles even hurt! You would think I was in better shape then that considering I just moved all of this in there about a month ago. I'm excited to see the new carpet once I get home. I kind of bummed though....our kitchen flooring isn't going to be installed until next Monday....urrggghhhh! It's going to look so nice (I hope)!

It's been 2 weeks since we ordered Don's stairlift and it was only supposed to take 7-10 days to install. Don called the installers last week and it sounds like they are having trouble getting the permits from the State of Michigan for the install. I guess the State is all backed up and we are on a waiting's so irritating! Don is waiting patiently, but I feel so bad for him. He so badly wants to get down to the basement...especially now that it's being redone. Keep your fingers crossed that maybe in the next week we are good to go!

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