Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Home Improvements

Lowe's installed our new carpet in the basement yesterday...took them FOREVER! It looks good, much better than I thought it would actually. After they left I put myself to work and got my entire office done and decorated and it looks great. I tried to take pics, but my camera is not working (again). Our new kitchen floor doesn't get installed until next Monday and I'm trying to be as patient as I can be but the tiles have been sitting in my dining room since last Thursday and its killing me. I say it's killing me for two reasons....(1) the fact that we have a bunch of boxes in the dining room is enought to put me over the edge.....(2) I can't stand that I've been looking at the tiles for 5 days now. I want them installed....I'm so impatient!

These should be the last of our major home improvements for now. We've got a couple projects we want to price out this summer but only time will tell which we do this year and which can wait until next. We still want to paint our bedroom and the kitchen, but are still having problems deciding on paint color. To be honest, we haven't really "tried" to decide on a paint color. We really need to get serious and sit down with the samples and just make a decision. It seems like everytime we look at the samples we are doing a million other things and we just can't focus on the task at hand.

Happy Tuesday!

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