Thursday, February 26, 2009

Another Day

Not too much going on today....It's a little foggy out and the roads are kind of slick, but the good news... it's supposed to get up to 48 degrees today....Yippee! There's going to be some rain involved, but at least it will be warmer.

Don won $820 in Keno last week while we were out to dinner so my mom is riding with him to Lansing today to go cash it in. Yippee........we could definitely use the money. The best part is that he only spent $5 on the Keno ticket and he won. We made our first mortgage payment yesterday so the timing is perfect.

We have a lot of stuff we want to get done this weekend and I'm kind of excited. I love cleaning and decorating so what more could I ask for. We want to get the basement (family room) in some type of order so that we can start utilizing the space. Not to mention that it would be nice to send Little Don down there to play his video games once in a while....hehe

My mom made it home from Florida last night and I'm so excited....I feel like she has been gone forever. Of course we talk EVERYDAY, but I haven't actually seen her in over 10 days. I hope they come over tonight to see the new improvements to the house. I would like to make dinner for them but we need to get groceries soooo bad. We have absolutely nothing in the house right now. We've been feeling so blahhhh lately that grocery shopping just doesn't appeal to either of us. We will run to the store to pick up an item or two, but at some point this weekend we need to make a major trip for food. Especially since we have Little Don this weekend and boy can that kid eat. He doesn't weigh more than a wet noodle, but I think he's going through some sort of growth spurt because the amount of food he can intake amazes me! He eats more than Don and I put together! As for an update there....things have been going great with him. We are seeing some major improvements and it gives me hope :)

I know I'm not catholic, but I always like to give something up for lent. I usually try to make it some sort of healthy choice and this time I picked chocolate. I've never really been much of a fan of sweets, but for the past month I can't get enough of chocolate. I find myself stopping at a convenience store just to run in and grab a candy bar. I'm stealing candy out of the chocolate drawer at work all day long, I've basically demolished all of the chocolates I got for Valentines day, I bought a package of no-bake cookies last week and had the entire thing gone in just a matter of days and just last weekend I ran to the store for milk and ended up buying a couple boxes of brownie mix. So, as you can see.....I've got a problem! Let's just hope I can kick this phase before it all goes to my hips...and thighs...and butt!!

Happy Thursday!

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