Friday, November 4, 2011

It Wasn't Me....

I work for a small company.  We have 10 employees and that includes the 5 people in management.  The remaining 5 individuals remind me a lot of children.  They whine and cry, they tattle-tale, they need to be given direction every minute of every day, they need you to clean up after them, they are unable to complete the easiest of tasks without someone holding their hand....they are just like children!

I can handle most of the above, only because I've been doing it for almost 10 years and it doesn't phase me anymore.  But the one thing I can't handle is the childish act of denial!  If you did something wrong or broke something it is no big deal as long as you tell someone about it.  Accidents happen...people make mistakes.

Except, that is not the mentality of anyone working here.  For every one of these questions I have asked the past couple days, every employee answered with "It Wasn't Me!"  Well, I'm smart enough to know that SOMEONE had to do it.  Last I knew we didn't have a ghost working here!!!

  • Who broke the scissors? (for the 3rd time this week) wasn't me!
  • Who spilt 10 gallons of water from the water wasn't me!
  • Who took my microwave meal out of the freezer? wasn't me!
  • Who used the last roll of toilet paper without telling anyone? wasn't me!
  • Who left the dock doors open so all the heat can get out? wasn't me!
  • Who left the freezer door open causing it to defrost? wasn't me!
  • Who left the security door unlocked overnight? wasn't me!
  • Who moved these bins out of the shipping dept? wasn't me!
  • Who forgot to shut the hose off after filling the wash tank? wasn't me!
  • Who left paper jammed in the copy machine? wasn't me!
  • Who let the forklift just sit and run for an hour? wasn't me!
  • Who signed for UPS while I was out of the office? wasn't me!
  • Who keeps pouring coffee into the garbage can? wasn't me!
  • Who left rotten bananas on the break table? wasn't me!
  • Who used the restroom (#2) and didn't flush? wasn't me!
  • Who keeps throwing used kleenex on the ground? wasn't me!
Does this even give you a little insight into the world I live in Monday through Friday?  It's getting so hard for me to take.  If I wanted to work with children all day I would run a daycare.

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Anonymous said...

Oy vey! I'd be pulling out my hair! I used to work for a preschool and there was LESS complaining and questions from FOUR YEAR OLDS! Wowser!