Friday, October 14, 2011

Puppy Update & I'm a Horrible Blogger

Oh my gosh....I can't believe it's been so long since I have posted anything!  Life became incredibly busy and I just didn't have the energy at the end of a long day to put my thoughts into sentences.

I'm still not sure this post is going to make any sense considering I have about a bajillion things to get done here at work and only a limited amount of hours left in today to do it.

Okay, enough of that....Since my last post we have taken our puppy Lainey back to the vet for her final puppy visit.  She gained another 7 lbs!  She was 7 lbs when we got her at 7 weeks old.  Three weeks later at 10 weeks old she weighed 14 lbs and three weeks after that at 13 weeks old she weighed 21 lbs.  I can't even put into words how quickly she is growing...It kinda breaks this puppy mama's heart!

We have greatly improved on the potty training in the last few weeks and I can't even remember the last time she had an accident in the house.  You still have to keep a close eye on her, but she will go to the door and sit when she needs to go outside....yay!!!

As far as sleeping, she is still in bed with us.  I know, I know....we shouldn't be doing this, but for the time being it is working for us.

How could you not want to snuggle up next to this face every night!

 On Wednesday we took her to doggy daycare and the trainers there just fell in love with her.  Actually, so did 2 of the other dogs.  The trainer said the three of them were inseparable!  I thought it was so cute. She was so, so tired that night though, and at one point she found a way to get up on our bed, pull the covers back and crawled up under the pillow to sleep

Doggy Daycare is EXHAUSTING!!!

And one last puppy update....WE GOT HER A HALLOWEEN COSTUME!  Yes, we are "those" type of people who dress our dogs up in clothes, coats, costumes, etc.  I firmly believe the dogs love it too (or at least that's what I tell myself)

Lainey is a Turtle and Stewie is a Pumpkin....too cute!

Okay, enough cuteness for one post....back to the mounds of paperwork staring me in the face!

I'm hoping to be back soon with posts about our Halloween/fall decor and a little about my brother and the 6 month anniversary of his passing.

Happy Friday everyone!  Oh, and one last thing.....GO BLUE!!!  (for those of you not from Michigan, tomorrow is the big rivalry between University of Michigan and Michigan state)

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KT said...

I'm glad things are going so well with Lainey! Doggie daycare is AWESOME for puppies- Buster comes home absolutely exhausted from it!

Love the costumes- your dogs are adorable! CP won't let me dress up the dogs for Halloween. :-(