Friday, September 23, 2011

11 Weeks

Our puppy Lainey is 11 weeks old and has doubled in size and weight since we got her 4 weeks ago!  We are just smitten with her...

But honestly, with a face like this how could you not be!!!

Potty training has had it's ups and downs.  She will go 2-3 days without any accidents in the house and then one day she will have half a dozen.  It's frustrating.  We aren't doing anything different on those days when she decides that peeing in the house is so much better than going outside.  We've even tried puppy pads and she won't use them.  We have resorted to putting a puppy diaper on her at times and that seems to do the trick, but if you don't watch her closely she can have that diaper off in 2.2 seconds.

We have also given up on the cage at night and she is currently sleeping with us.  It's not ideal and I know we have started something we might not be able to change, but I was desperate.  If we put her in the cage at night she is up 4-5 times to go outside.  She cries and whines until you are about to lose your mind.  For 3 weeks we tried everything to make this work.  Putting the cage next to our bed beside me, putting a blanket over her cage, me sleeping with my hand inside the cage so she could touch me, giving her a "heartbeat toy" so she would feel comfortable.....NOTHING WORKED!!  After me spending 2 days crying because I was SO tired we decided to try her sleeping in bed with us.  She slept ALL NIGHT!!!  Not one single time did she wake up.  It's been a week now of me getting a full nights sleep and I am a much happier person to be around. 

We are so happy to have Lainey!  She has made our little family if she would only stay little!!

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KT said...

Oh my goodness THAT FACE!!! So adorable!!!

Did you try putting her cage somewhere else in the house at night? That probably won't work now b/c she knows that if she cries, you are going to get up to take her out...but keeping Buster downstairs and setting an alarm for us to wake up to take him out worked well for us. (every puppy is different though)

Whatever works for your sanity....and yeah, I'm not sure how you say no to that face!