Thursday, September 8, 2011

Kitchen Cabinet Makeover - Continued

Slowly, but surely, I am making progress on our cabinets.  It makes for a long project when you can only work on the weekends.

Our kitchen basically has 4 sections.  The bar, the area with microwave, the area with stove and the area with the sink and fridge.  I am done with 3 of the 4 sections and have started the final section.  I hope to finish the final section this weekend and then I can put my kitchen back together.

Here are some updated photos of my progress:



Sections 1 & 2 Finished

Section 3 Finished

Section 4 "Partially" finished....

 I am so happy with the transformation that has taken place.  I truly believe that all my time and effort will be worth it once I am done!  The kitchen is modern, brighter and feels "clean"!


Jenn Marie said...

oooo - i LOVE that blue!! Very, very awesome!!

elisa said...

Oh man- love it!! All kitchens should be white!