Monday, August 23, 2010

People are so Rude!!!

The image below is our DIY Photo Wall from our wedding.

I was contacted immediately after our wedding by a wedding planner about purchasing this from me.  Of course I agreed!  She also wants an inventory of all my other wedding items I'm willing to sell...Awesome!

I was recently approached by the wife of someone my husband and I know about renting it for a family reunion.  Since I haven't technically sold it yet, I didn't see the harm in letting someone else enjoy it.  Oh, if only I had known then what I know now!!

Yesterday was the family reunion so they came to my house to pick it up.  I helped them load it in the trailer and gave them specific directions that it needed to be laid flat in the trailer because it's top-heavy.  I even went as far as lending them a sheet to lay down in the trailer so the fabric wouldn't get dirty.

6 hrs later they pull up in front of my house with the photo wall basically in pieces!!  They tried to stand it upright in the trailer and the wind caught it and it flew out onto the pavement face down.  The legs on one side were broken off, one of the frames came right off, and the large antique frame in the center is broken into dozens of pieces and chipped all over.

I understand that accidents happen, but I specifically told them to LAY IT FLAT IN THE TRAILER!!!!  It's not so much that its broke, as I think I can probably come up with a way to fix it, but the fact that they were laughing about it!  They literally just kept laughing as if it was the funniest thing that's ever happened to them.  It's not so funny if you ask me!

And not that I would have taken any money from them, but maybe if they had OFFERED to give me some money to repair the damage I wouldn't be this pissed.


Now I'm stuck with the following dilemma:  Do I put more $$ into the board to fix it in order to sell it to wedding planner?  I'm just not sure I will get my money back out of it.  Or, do I not sell it and just keep it for myself?  But, where am I going to store it?  It's huge.  Or, do I sell it damaged and consider it a loss either way?

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KT said...

That photo wall is AWESOME btw.

I can't believe that the people you loaned it to were laughing about the accident. Did you tell them that you were going to sell it afterwards? I guess I would contact the wedding planner to let her/him know about the accident and whether she/he still wants it. If it is that big, I wouldn't keep it. When would you realistically use it again? And you have tons of pictures to remember your hard work.