Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Back on the Wedding Bandwagon

The Knot tells me that I have 220 days until the wedding. I'm having a terrible time trying to grasp the concept of that. In one aspect it seems like an eternity, but on the other, it seems closer-than-ever-and-I'm-never-going-to-get-everything-done-in-time! I noticed that my "checklist" is finally starting to fall behind so I think it may be time to step it up and get back into wedding planning mode.

I will admit that the last few months that I took a break from planning were incredible. I took the time to appreciate our new every day lives. We have been taking the time to learn new things about each other. We've maneuvered our way through the household chores and how to handle our finances. We've learned how to sit quietly together after a long day and how important the "little" things matter. It was for all of these reasons and more that we decided to have a long engagement. We didn't want to jump into living together and planning a wedding all at once. I finally feel like we are falling into a rhythm and for that I am thankful.

Next on my to-do list: Finalizing the guest list, Gift registry, Groom's wedding band and Finalizing the rehearsal dinner.


Abbie said...

It IS nice to take a break... and important, too! All of the details can detract from the most important part-- that you two are getting married. ;) What I started doing was talking the big stuff first. I made lists of things to do this week/this month/next month, etc. I stayed away from the internet checklists, as they had things that we just weren't doing, and I hated the past due warnings. It's refreshing to have your lists and check things off. I found I started moving on to the next list and checking things off, too.

Abbie said...

Oops... meant tackling, not talking. Ha, ha.