Thursday, November 12, 2009

T Minus 14 Days.....

Can you believe it's only 2 weeks away from Thanksgiving? Where did the year go? I guess most of it, for me, was spent wedding planning. And let me tell you....this break I've been on has been wonderful, but as of next week I will be back in wedding planning mode once again.

Not only is Thanksgiving only 2 weeks away, but my sister's birthday is on the same day. I can't wait to spend time with the family, relax, and of course, do a little Christmas shopping. I'm already totally pumped up for Black Friday! I love the adrenaline rush of waking up early to stand in the freezing cold just to try and beat the person behind you to the best deals possible.

But to be totally honest, I'm most excited about having some much needed time off work. I will not be working the Wednesday before Thanksgiving or the Monday after....yes, you do the math...that's 6 days of nothing but total awesomeness!! Sleeping in, decorating the house, shopping, spending time with family.......I can't think of a better way to spend my mini-vacation.


alissa said...

i cant believe how quickly its crept up! insane - im not ready for the holidays yet, i swear its still summer (in my head)

Abbie said...

Lucky you on the time off!! I'm jealous. It's crazy how quickly it snuck up this year.