Monday, April 8, 2013

March Madness

I'm not sure how many of you are sports fans...but you know how I love my Michigan Wolverines.

Basketball is not my favorite sport...I'm definitely a football kind of girl!  Nonetheless, when the Wolverines are doing as well as they have been, I can bring myself to watch a little b-ball.

Tonight Michigan will play against Louisville in the 2013 National Championship game.   It's been a long time coming.....Well, since 1993 when the Fab Five played in the championship game against North Carolina.  Unfortunately, Chris Webber infamously called a time-out with 11 seconds left in the game when Michigan was down 73-71.  There were no time-outs remaining, which resulted in a technical foul that clinched the game for NC. 

Lets hope the Michigan Wolverines can walk off the court with a National title under their belt tonight.....GO BLUE!!!

Unfortunately, the game doesn't start until 9:30 tonight and as much as I love my Michigan Wolverines, I don't think I will be able to stay up to watch.

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