Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Cat Update:

After spending 4 days at the hospital, I was able to bring the cats home yesterday.  Their kidney & liver tests continue to be in the "normal" range, but we will have them tested two more times over the next couple weeks to make sure there are no residual effects from the pill.

If you are just joining...check out this post to see what happened.

Our family felt COMPLETE yesterday after they arrived home and it was a nice feeling.

One cat wouldn't leave my side....and the other wanted nothing to do with me.

Although, by the time I was in bed....both cats were cuddled up next to me, just like it should be :)


KT said...

That's great news! I'm glad that the cats are doing well. :-)

Elisa said...

I have been through this when Shiloh ate rat poison at my parents house and paintball paint in my backyard. Seriously, always something. And I do the google thing- if I went to the dr every time I thought I had a life threatening disease they would commit me. I freaking hate google (for health stuff).