Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Making a house a HOME!

I was looking through some old pictures of our house today and I was amazed at the changes that have taken place in the 2.5 years that we have lived there.  It made me very emotional thinking about all the ways in which we have made our house a "home".

Here are some before/after/current pictures of some of the changes we have made. (editors note:  I apologize for some of the picture quality...some of these came from my phone camera)

Living Room:

Living Room (before)

Living Room (before)

Living Room (just after moving in)
Living Room (just after moving in)
Living Room (after 1 year)
Painted the walls, swapped some furniture from the family room,
new rug and changed curtains/wall decor

Living Room (current)
Added hardwood floors

Living Room (current)
Changed pillows/wall decor

Dining Room:

Dining Room (before)

Dining Room (just after moving in)
New Light fixture above table

Dining Room (after 1 year)
Painted, changed curtains, new wall decor, tablecloth

Dining Room (current)
added hardwood floors & new table


Kitchen (before)

Kitchen (before)

Kitchen (before)
Kitchen (just after moving in)
added stainless steel appliances
Kitchen (after 1 year)
added new floors

Kitchen (current)
painted walls & bar countertop
**Note: the blue is funky in this picture...sorry**

Kitchen (current)
new curtains

  Guest Bedroom:

Guest Bedroom (before)

Guest Bedroom (just after moving in)
Guest Bedroom (current)
painted walls, furniture & rearranged furniture
**iphone pic - very dark

Guest Bedroom (current)
painted bookcase, new bedspread
**iPhone pic - very dark

Guest Bedroom (current)
new bedspread & curtains
**Note:  wall decor has been added, but I don't have a current photo

Guest Bath:

Guest Bath (before)

Guest Bath (just after moving in)

Guest Bath (after 1 year)
added new floors

Guest Bath (past 3 months)
painted, changed shower curtain & painted cabinet under sink
Note: The green reminded me of toothpaste...didn't like it!

Guest Bath (as of 48 hrs ago)
painted (yet again) and changed shower curtain
Note:  I'm not sold on the yellow yet...and there is too much "white".  I'm thinking of
changing out the shower curtain (yet again) and maybe new rugs.  Plus, the wall decor still needs to be added.

Later this week I will show you the before/after of the outside of the house.


elisa said...

Wow- it looks great!!

Emilie said...

I just found your blog and I am loving it, especially this post. I love home stuff since we just bought a house 4 months ago, and I just think it's so cool to see how they evolve over time :)