Thursday, February 3, 2011

My Happy Place

This happens every year...I'm starting to get the 'winter blues'.  I just haven't felt like myself lately.  I'm gaining weight, I'm so pale, my hair cut sucks, my job is boring, my house is a mess, my Christmas decorations are still sitting in piles in the basement waiting to be organized and put back on the shelves...I'm just all around a little depressed!

I recently had a conversation with my husband about all of this and I told him that I really miss 'laughing'.  I feel like it's been a long time since I've had a really good, eyes watering, gut wrenching laugh.

Well, no more people....I have found my happy place and it's called Tosh.0

Do any of you watch this on comedy central?  It makes me laugh so hard my cheeks hurt and I may or may not have wet myself (just a little) watching it over the weekend. 

Comedian Daniel Tosh gives hilarious commentary on video clips from the internet. <<I just laughed out loud typing this because I was thinking about one of the videos from the show I watched this weekend>>  His humor really pushes the envelope and his punchlines could be seen as racist, sexist or homophobic...but to me it is all in good fun and I don't take any of his jokes too seriously.

So there you have it....Tosh.0 takes me to my happy place and for that I will forever be a Daniel Tosh fan!


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My husband and I are also fans of the show- I wish that it was an hour long instead of 30 minutes! Hilarious. I've heard his stand up show is really funny too.