Monday, December 6, 2010

Fed Ex can suck it

On cyber Monday I was scoping out the online sales and came across a 60"x80" photo blanket that was priced rather decent.  (see image below for idea)

I thought it would be a great personalized gift for my husband by using some of our favorite wedding pictures.  While at work, I took the time to upload all of the pictures to the site and get them in the perfect "collage" setting.

Yesterday I get an email from the vendor stating that my order has been sent to the wrong person and they have issued a refund for the item.  At first I was a little confused so I called the 800 number to speak with a customer service representative to get the details.  As they item was shipped to the wrong person.  Fed Ex delivered my "personalized" item to the wrong address and to the wrong person!!  Someone (a stranger) is in possession of a blanket covered in pictures of me and my husband!  How could Fed Ex do this?  My NAME and ADDRESS were on the shipment...why would they accept signature from anyone different?  And why would someone sign for a package that had MY NAME on it.  They obviously don't know me so why would they sign for the package!  UGHHHHH.....

I don't know if I'm more frustrated at Fed Ex for their screw up or at the person who signed for the package knowing it wasn't theirs.  If they would have looked at the name/address on the package they could have told Fed Ex they were at the wrong location and then maybe I would have my gift for my husband.  But instead...I have no idea where the item is and there is no way I'm taking the time to make another blanket and upload all those pictures again!

I will refuse to use Fed Ex ever again!!!  It is for this exact reason that my place of employment stopped using them years ago!

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