Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Soothing Sound of Jingle Bell Rock

I know we are only a few days past Halloween, but I am so ready to start decorating for Christmas!  It is by far my most favorite holiday.  I even started listening to Christmas music at work yesterday.  There is nothing else that can make me feel so warm inside.  I truly believe if Christmas music was played all year long I wouldn't be so stressed.  Case in point...this morning was a hell of a morning when my phone started ringing just after 6:30am with work "issues".  As soon as I arrived to the office I logged onto iTunes and jammed to a little Jingle Bell Rock and all the stress of the morning was gone.  I even found myself smiling a little!

What are some of your favorite Christmas tunes?

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KT said...

I am the exact opposite. I really dislike Christmas tunes. I'm kind of a scrooge in that sense. My husband watching three Christmas movies every year without fail and I have at least taken on that tradition. Baby steps. :-)