Wednesday, May 9, 2012

What's Your Sleep Number?

I really want to jump right into the point of this post, but I thought maybe a little back story was necessary, so here goes.....

A few months back we had a new PT do a home visit for my husband.  While he was there, he started asking questions about our Tempurpedic bed and suggested that we should try a Sleep by Number bed.  As a result of my husband being a paraplegic, he sometimes gets legs spasms while he sleeps and this therapist thought a different type of bed would be the answer to this problem.

He recommended a few different models and told us to visit a Sleep by Number store. 

After the store visit, we found out that insurance had approved us for the "high-end" model and we were quite excited.  It has adjustable head and foot positions, massagers for your head and feet and of course the adjustable comfort level that these beds are famous for.

Long story short....I took the day off work yesterday to be there when the new bed was delivered and I was pretty excited.  I couldn't wait to try out the new massagers, watch a little TV while in the upright position, and of course...find my sleep number!

After a long, restless and sleepless night I would like to report that we HATE the bed!  Yes, hate is a strong word, but if I could light it with a match and set it on fire....I WOULD!!!

Yes, the adjustable head/foot option is nice, but the massagers send my husband into severe spasms and the worst part is almost being bounced out of bed by my husband every time he changes position.

I don't think this bed is going to work out for us.  I guess we never realized how good we had it with our Tempurpedic.  Most of all, the lack of motion transfer between partners makes the Tempurpedic the winner a hundred times over again.

Thank goodness for the 30 day trial....This bed is being returned.

Now we just need to figure out how to get our old bed back into our room so we can actually get some sleep tonight.

**This is not an advertisement for Tempurpedic, nor was I asked to write this.  This is my own personal opinion.

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